Woodlawn sees another chance at revival in Obama library

The Obama Library is expected to jolt the local economy, particularly in Woodlawn--an oft-neglected part of the South Side. Community leaders are organizing to ensure that the residents of Woodlawn see the benefits of this major undertaking.

"It is important that we plan for our own self-determination and not have someone
else plan for us," Brazier told residents at the recent community meeting.”

“The biggest challenge, say some experts, will be to craft a plan that works — upgrading
the neighborhood without pricing out longtime residents, a strikingly fragile balance to achieve.”

“Historically, "there have been a lot of plans for all these communities on the South Side
and West Side and in every city," Dawveed Scully, a senior urban designer at Skidmore Owings & Merrill, said at the recent 1Woodlawn meeting. "There have been hundreds of plans, and none of them have really gotten to the change that we need."

-Kathy Bergen and Angela Caputo -- Chicago Tribune


Ryan Tippery